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Safely support your blood sugar

with Pure, Uniquely Combined Ingredients Formulated for Optimal Absorption

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A PASSION FOR HEALTH PROMOTION To Bring You Better Nutritional Supplements.

Icon 1 Formulated for optimal absorption and maximum strength

Ubiotic supplements are formulated to be optimally absorbed and to support multiple biological functions synergistically. Find out how we formulate for optimal absorption.

Icon 2 Tested for purity and safety

Every batch of our products undergoes third party testing for microbial and heavy metal contamination, as well as ingredient and dose validation to ensure that they are safe and true to what you see on the label.

Icon 3 Rooted in sound science

We’ve dug through the scientific literature to select the ingredients that have produced beneficial health effects at realistic dosages in clinical human studies.

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Member of the American Nutrition Association

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Quality and Purity

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Manufactured under strict
GMP controls

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"I'm very pleased with the product. Over the last few months I was faithful in taking the supplement everyday. My glucose levels used to be in the 180's. My blood sugar first went down to the 140's when I woke up, now in the 120-130 range. During the day it's just above 100. I'm finally achieving the desired results I've been trying to get for years. Partnered with my doctor's recommendations and healthy eating, my sugars are leveling and now I can lose weight." -Kevin B. (Holland, MI)

Common Questions Answered

All Ubiotic products are manufactured in the USA and meet or exceed the standards set by the FDA. Every batch undergoes third party testing for microbial and heavy metal contamination as well as ingredient and dose validation.
You can purchase at-home test kits to measure blood glucose (glucometers) as well as hemoglobin A1c (a marker of how well you manage your blood sugar over a three month timeframe) before and after you start taking Ubiotic Gluc- Support.
It is highly unlikely that you would experience side effects when taking our products at the suggested dosage. Should you have any concerns, we recommend to talk to your qualified healthcare practitioner.
We recommend that you speak with your qualified healthcare practitioner prior to taking supplements if you are already taking medication for health-related issues, or if you are pregnant, nursing, or plan on becoming pregnant.
Ubiotic dietary supplements contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, binders, or fillers.
We have formulated Ubiotic Gluc-Support to optimize the absorption and effectiveness of the bioactive constituents. Click below to find out how.

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