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3 Categories of Food That Lower Blood Sugar (And Why They Work)

Posted by Greg Kester on

Hello Everyone! We are embarking on a video series that seeks to discuss many of the elements of blood sugar health. This includes the science behind how our body behaves, discussion of what foods impact blood sugar and why, recipes, common terms, and simple answers to many common questions regarding glycemic care. 

There are 3 major categories of foods that help to lower blood sugar. In this video, nutritional expert Andy Kester, cofounder of Ubiotic Health, gives a clear, easy to understand outline of how to eat a balanced, low glycemic diet that will work to lower blood sugar. This short video includes a brief explanation of how these foods work to balance your blood sugar and some suggestions how to take action in your day-to-day eating.

​Video Overview: There are 3 categories of food that lower blood sugar.

Include a balanced, moderate diet of: 
Protein: ex: Meat, Eggs (help release a hormone to lower blood sugar)
Fats: ex: Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Butter, Coconut Oil (slows movement of food and reduces blood sugar spike)

Fiber: ex: Whole Fruits, Vegetables (keep fruit and veggie skins on) (slows digestion and makes it harder for your body to get at the sugar)

Take your first steps to implement what you learned in the video.  

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