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A Good Overview of Optimal Absorption with Ubiotic Health's Chief Formulator

Posted by Greg Kester on

Here is another video in our series that can help you to better understand your health, eating, and dietary supplements that you may take. It is called bioavailability.  At a high level, this concept can be thought of as absorption and it has a big impact on how your body is able to use what you eat.  

You may have heard it said that you are what you eat. A more accurate statement is actually "You are what you absorb."  Why is this important for supplements?

This is important because you are not going to absorb everything that you see on the label.  There are lots of factors that will affect what ingredients actually get utilized by your body in their active form.  Things like whether or not you take it with food, for example.  But more importantly, it is important to ask how it is formulated? What form are the nutrients in? Where is it sourced from? What other ingredients are in the product that can help create a synergy - where ingredients work together to promote absorption?  All of these are important factors to consider when making a supplement purchase.

To learn more, watch this video from Ubiotic Health cofounder, Andy Kester. The video will help you to learn what absorption means and gives an example how Ubiotic Health formulates for optimal absorption.  For those that want a more detailed explanation and further scientific references 
on the topic, please read our detailed post on bioavailability.    

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