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Blood Sugar Care For Those Who Understand Maintenance

"Poorly supported blood sugar is like sand in your car's engine."

Poorly managed blood sugar leads to the formation of AGEs (advanced glycation end products). These end up causing your body to age faster by deteriorating the inside of your body (like neglecting oil changes or adding sand into your engine). Blood sugar health is directly related to helping your body run smoothly and 
is one of your body's most critical  functions. Still, national data estimates that about 1/4 of Americans show elevated blood sugar levels. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey also recently showed that millions of Americans show to be deficient in many of the essential nutrients needed to manage blood sugar properly (like Vitamin D and Magnesium). How long will you go without expecting major damage?

Do you want freedom from the anxiety of neglecting blood sugar support?

Ubiotic Health designed Gluc-Support to make your pursuit of blood sugar health simple, efficient, and effective. Led by phD-level formulation expertise, you'll have access to a trusted solution for helping maintain the most important vehicle for life - your body*.

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Ubiotic Health is a proud member of the American Nutrition Association

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Gluc Support featured as "Product of the Week" from Vitamin Retailer Magazine

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Gluc Support is manufactured in the USA under strict GMP controls

You will have:

Confidence in a best-in-class blood sugar support supplement Rooted in over 40 peer-reviewed clinical ingredient studies and designed for optimal absorption (effectiveness) with natural techniques in a proprietary blend. <
Peace of mind that you are using the right tools for the job   Gluc-Support's physiological mechanisms table reference exactly why each ingredient was chosen. Backed by nutrition expertise, this is real science at work in safe and achievable doses. This includes why some common ingredients are left OUT.
Assurance you are making a healthy choice You'll get Quality. Purity. Potency.​ Guaranteed. Gluc-Support contains NO artificial additives, binders, fillers or preservatives.  Every batch, bottle, and capsule is tested.
A truly valuable supplement at an incredible cost/serving There are many essential nutrients (like Vitamin D, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Turmeric) packed into Gluc-Support that are designed to work together synergistically to support your body. Other blood sugar supplements simply do not cover the comprehensive nature of how your body responds blood sugar*.

Testimonials for Gluc Support

Kevin B."I'm very pleased with the product. Over the last few months I was faithful in taking the supplement everyday. My glucose levels used to be in the 180's. My blood sugar first went down to the 140's when I woke up, now in the 120-130 range.  During the day it's just above 100. I'm finally achieving the desired results I've been trying to get for years. Partnered with my doctor's recommendations and healthy eating, my sugars are leveling and now I can                             lose weight." 

Mark F."A few years ago, my weight and blood sugar were fluctuating much more than I felt comfortable with. In 2012, I switched doctors, and he encouraged me to make some lifestyle changes to get my blood sugar back under control. Along with upping my exercise, I started taking Gluc-Support and have continued taking it faithfully for the past two years. My weight and blood sugar have been stable since, and I’ve stopped experiencing the brain fog and                   physical exhaustion that I used to when my blood sugar was all over the place."