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Lipid-Based Formulation

What is a “lipid-based" formula? 

Most people can’t do their job until they arrive at their workplace. Likewise, in order for a bioactive compound (like a vitamin, mineral, or plant-derived antioxidant) to exert a biological effect, it must first be present in certain tissues and cells. A high percentage of antioxidant compounds like resveratrol (found in red wine) and curcumin (found in turmeric) are chemically modified in your body or excreted before they exert any effect. This is due to factors such as poor solubility, chemical instability, and the action of detoxification enzymes. Essentially, a high percentage of a dose of these compounds never reach their workplace. This is where lipid-based systems come into the picture. While there are a variety of lipid-based systems used for pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceuticals, the concept is fairly straightforward. The desired ingredient is attached to or encapsulated by lipid (or fat) molecules which act as a kind of chaperone. thereby increasing the percentage of the dose that is transported to its biological workplace. 

Note: The small amount of fat used in the formulation process is negligible compared to the fat consumed in the diet, so don’t worry about lipid-based formulas increasing your fat or caloric intake.