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Our Manufacturing

We appreciate your interest in our products. Please see below for a list of common questions. 

1.  Are you products manufactured according to current good manufacturing practices. 
     Yes. Our manufacturing operation has been cGMP certified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

2. How is raw material quality monitored? 
    The certificates of analysis are verified for all raw materials received from suppliers. 

3. How often is manufacturing equipment (e.g. encapsulation machines) cleaned?
    Manufacturing equipment undergoes a minor clean after each product and a major clean after exposure to any major          

4. What kind of quality testing is performed?  
    Near infrared radiation (NIR) analysis is performed in-house at the manufacturing site to ensure ingredient    
Microbiological, heavy metal and magnesium assays are performed by third party laboratories on every batch    
    of product. 

5. What kind of manufacturing controls are in place when manufacturing your product?
    Process controls are applied via start/stop releases before each stage of manufacturing. Double signatures are required to
    authorize each stage of the manufacturing process. 

6. Who does your formulating?  What kind of credentials do they have?
    Ubiotic products are formulated by Andrew Kester. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry (with research        
    experience in natural products chemistry) from Susquehanna University, and a master’s degree in nutritional science with
    an emphasis in functional foods and bioactive compounds from Colorado State University. Andrew has worked as
    a nutritionist with a major natural foods and supplement retailer as well as a weight loss clinic, and is currently pursing a PhD  
    in public health from Loma Linda University. 

7. What kind of return policy does your company have?
    Ubiotic has a 100% refund policy within 60 days of purchase date for unopened product.  Email